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03-14-2012, 08:33 AM
I had no doubt this was going to happen, but not only did they decide to screw the game over by such a blatant "pay to win" move they had to do it with the ugliest ship in the game...

So now that we have firmly established the fact that there is absolutely no concern for what the player base may think of pay to win ships... how about a pay to win T6 Connie hmm? I mean at least the Connie has style to it! 12 consoles, all universal slots, go all the way with her and I'd pay $50 in a heartbeat... Call them "Hero Ships" or something, do one ridiculously OP ship for each of the classes featured in the series maybe.

But until then I'm sticking with my Sovereign...

And they said Free To Play would be "good" for the game... I sure haven't seen much "good" out of it.