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03-14-2012, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by V-Mink
Well, that's been a problem for STO since the beginning. People want to fly their favorite ship all the time but they really... well, they could, but they get severe disadvantages. There's no real rational way to, for example, explain how one can upgun a Miranda (my favorite ship) into something that could be equivalent to a Sovereign.

Which is unfortunate, but kinda makes sense. Even if one assumes that the Miranda has dual phaser cannons, a ship like that -- at best a light cruiser (though I sometimes view it as a light battlecruiser developed in response to the D-7 or K't'inga (and yes, I'm well aware of what happened at Jutland and of Jackie Fisher's "Dreadnought Math")) --should not be able to go against a Sovereign; if nothing else, it's just too small.
The Mirands/NX/Constitution/Akira/Nova t5 discussion is one thing.
There were already a lot of people who couldnt fly their favorite on t5 and that always sucked.
But we HAD a variety, at least SOME favorite ships were valueable.

Thats diffrent now. We dont have "some" variety, something that even wasnt a given: We startet with 2 cruisers, with 3 costumes each at launch.

But NOW its even worst then at launch:
We have ONE endgame cruiser with ONE Skin (in coming in 3 diffrent console arrangement versions).
Thats it.
We are getting a ship variety situation WORST then it was AT RELEASE!

Its not only my Souvereign that is useless. Its the next guys Excelsior (wich, to play Captain Obvious here, is much older then the Souvereign and still worked well as en en-par-ship in endgame), the other guys Galaxy and the next ones GX. And believe it or not, there actually ARE people who liked the ugly-whale-MKI for his looks, however that did happen, they are now useless, too.