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03-14-2012, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by V-Mink
I think a big part of it is just to give all players a reason to fly a ship of the flagship class, to fly a ship of the same class as the Enterprise-F. To do that, they have to change up the stats to make it useful to each class. There was a lot of hulabaloo a bit ago about how all new ships are cruisers; I can see Cryptic taking that message and trying to make the new ship reasonably appealling to Tac, Eng, and Sci captains^H admirals. I don't have a problem with this.

Then they went and made a set bonus if you mount the consoles from all three variants. This I have a slight problem with.
That the variants of the ships are somehow suited more to a particular class over another is fallacy.

--the variants are not all that different--

If they had the tac one with a tactical LtCmdr, the eng one with an eng LtCmdr and the sci one with a sci LtCmdr. Then the versions would be different. As it is, they all have the exact same boff seating and are largely identical. They then move 1 console to a different place on each variant and try and fool people into thinking "Hey, it's a tactical cruisert, my tac can fly it". Which is of course wrong; you're still flying the exact same ship as that engineer over there, except that he is actually filling a role on a team.

Then, as you say, the idiotic 'console set bonus' to make people buy them all just stinks