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Originally Posted by Mephihsto View Post
The only time I recall a BOP being any near a threat to a modern cruiser is in Star Trek: Generations *after* they had discovered their shield frequency and bypassed them all together. Regardless of the age of their BOP, what one of the Duras sisters said holds very true "They are a Galaxy-Class starship we are no match for them." No escort class ship in Star Trek has EVER killed a large, modern cruiser (on its own) in less than 3 seconds, not even the Duras sisters when they could completely bypass their shields! For sake of balance in an MMO however, some things just can't follow canon 100%
Who said anything about killing a modern cruiser in 3 seconds?

My point is that, just because they are smaller ships, does not mean they don't pose a threat if the weapon technology and Captain/crew ability is good enough.

You could watch all of the DS9 fleet actions, but as we said before, no one in those battles appeared to have shields. Which wouldn't make sense for ships in the back of the fleet to have received volley fire.

As for examples of smaller ships being a threat to a modern cruiser:
1) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - took both the Enterprise and the Excelsior to take out one BoP.
During that era, the BoPs were always considered to be outgunned by modern cruisers. Yet, in one on one battles, they have managed to hold their own.
2) DS9: Return to Grace episode - A single BoP was able to take out a Cardassian outpost.
3) DS9: Defiant episode - The Defiant, under the command of Thomas Riker, was able to take out Cardassian cruiser (such as upgraded Keldon-class).

FYI, the reason why we're rehashing the same arguments, is because I'm actually providing some sort of documentation that is contrary to what he is saying. He is providing his own opinion or referring to a technical guide (both of which are not canon).