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03-14-2012, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by japfi
I dare you all to bring your "Pay2Win" ships into PVP.. and my Bird of Prey.. which I got for free.. will roll you all every time. It's not about the ship, its about the user and understanding what their ship is and isn't capable of. I can't wait to see all the posts a week later by Tac officers crying.. "THE TAC ODYSSEY DOESN'T DO ENOUGH DPS!" Thinking they are going to make the Cruiser/Escort Hybrid.
well said. I play both fed and klink, the only ship i used real mony for was the excelsior retro. I had more success in PvP with a BoP, a fleet escort, an assault cruiser, and a carrier then i ever did with the excelsior retro. It's not about the ship but player, if a player has no idea how to play the strengths of their ship the player is going to suck regardless. It takes time to learn the ship you're in and play style is a big part of it.

Will there be people who are able to make the new ships useful in PvP? I am sure there will, but there will be plenty of people who won't. This I don't feel is a game breaker at all, just one more path you can take.