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the enterprise D was built to be decedent, it was the flagship after all, its the most gilded of all starfleet ships. it was supposed to be so awesome and impressive that when it made first contact with a new race it was supposed to absolutely wow whoever they paraded through the ship. show them that being a member of the federation allowed this much comfort and power at the same time. none of this comfort took away from the fact that it had the longest, most powerful phaser array of any ship class, and the 2 largest highest capacity torpedo launchers of any ship class. no canon or non cannon ship that i have seen has superior armaments.
Those powerfull long range phasers arrays and awesome torpedo launchers did wonders for the U.S.S. Odyssey, didin't it? (And she was well hosed before the ramming.) The fact is, we really cant say that other classes didn't have those weapon systems on them, if they didn't put those systems on medium/heavy cruisers (to the minimum) they were fools not to do so.

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its likely the first 6 galaxy were similar to the enterprise in interior comfort and civilian make up, but the 12 to 30 built afterward were likely much different, with the borg threat and war with the dominian looming. the ds9 tech manual states that the galaxys built during the war had 60% of its interior left empty. if it can do without that much of it's interior in a pinch, think of how modular it could be more purpose built. we already seen the comfortable enterprise D, there could conceivably be an even more science and exploration focused version, or a fully tactical battleship, carrier, and troop transport. yes a galaxy could serve as a carrier, its main shuttlebay was so large it was impossible to ever build a set for it, so it has never been seen.
But there weren't.

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