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03-14-2012, 01:03 PM
Love the bridges of both the Odyssey and the Bortasqu’ especially the Odyssey), love the look, love the layout and the new LCARS displays (which I think later on down the line should replace all the old blue LCARS and computer consoles), the only thing that bothers me is the ready-room that comes with it, after seeing this awesome bridge and then going into the old-hat ready-room is jarring, I’m not saying that a new ready-room should be built from the ground up, but maybe it should be redecorated instead, replacing the old floor with the one on the bridge, changing the lighting from blue to white, switching the console used in "Mine Enemy" with the new LCARS monitor and replacing the old desk with a smaller version of the desk under the bridge (which I think is a kind of conference/mission operations room) with the black chairs.

There is also a bug with the Bortasqu’ bridge where you beam in with your Away Team and another bug in the ships tailor where the new skin for the ships (type 6 I think) isn't there, other than that the bridges and the ships are awesome!