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Originally Posted by Doylematt4 View Post
i don't buy that fight between the Lakota and Defiant. Excelsior had phaser coverage all over the hull and could hit the Defiant at will, the Defiant had to use straffing runs to score hits.
The Lakota had the weapons coverage to wear the Defiant down alot easier than the Defiant could the Lakota.
Take the plot and hero ship out of the equasion and i'd give this to the Lakota.
Merely on weapons coverage.

Take alook at the defiant in game it has a powerful frontal assault but weak at the rear you have to use hit and run tactics against the big ships whereas the Excelsior fore, aft or sideways has sustained firepower
My take on this. Sorry for the long-winded reply, but I don't think it's a cut-and-dry single issue here.

To be fair, neither ship was trying to seriously damage the other, just to disable the opposition. It seems obvious from the dialogue that it was understood that having the Lakota use its quantumn torpedoes would destroy the Defiant without question, though the Defiant using its own torps would probably have severly damaged the Lakota. Note though that the Lakota was an Excelsior-B upgrade, not a stock Excelsior, just as the Defiant was an upgraded prototype for a class that did not feature many of its own improvements (pretty much T5 versions of both ships vrs their lower teir versions). Likely there were very limited numbers of both of these upgraded classes but not nearly as many as the production-run versions.

As far as the Galaxy class goes, it should be noted that the Galaxy class was built in a time of relative peace for the Federation. A mutual non-agression treaty was in place with the Klingons and the Romulans hadn't been heard from in decades. The ship was built primarily as an exploration ship with the comfort of the crew over long voyages as much a consideration as the fighting capabilities of the ship (Starfleet was sliding into the mindset that war was a thing of the past). It wasn't until the Enterprise encountered the Borg that Starfleet realized that their ships might meet an enemy that couldn't be negotiated with, and started a program to develop true warships. Galaxy-class ships were probably upgraded on a selective basis, but they were still ships designed to transport families across long distances more than fighting ships.

The Excelsiors were the workhorse of Starfleet, built as much to fight the Klingons as to explore, and were the closest Starfleet had to battleships. The wars with the Borg, Dominion, Cardassians, and Klingons saw these ships take horrendous losses because they were always tasked with the heaviest fighting, and it's likely they weren't in heavy production with the Galaxy class in favor. By the time of ST:Generations, the Excelsior class is out of production and the few remaining ships of the class are being rotated out of service life. The introduction of the Sovereign class seems like a direct attempt to make a successor to the Excelsior, a cruiser built for fighting. By the time of STO, the Excelsiors are either mothballed ships brought back into service or single-ship new construction for special duty (training ship, emergency fast-response cruiser, ect). All of the duties once done by the class have been assumed by the Assault Cruiser classes, which are still in full production. The new Odyssey class seems to be a similar attempt to build a successor vessel, this time to the Galaxy class, which has its own uber-upgrade in the Galaxy-X, but is otherwise now more a standard Federation starship than the top of the line, let alone flagship of the fleet.

Ultimately, the Galaxy-class are in the place the Excelsiors once occupied as the workhorse of the Federation. Large numbers have been and continue to be produced, but the designs can only be upgraded to a point without the cost in resources outstripping the value of the ships. In game terms, the introduction of the Odyssey class may indeed seem to eclipse the decades-old Galaxy, but that doesn't mean the Galaxy-R doesn't have its strengths. For one thing, it is cheaper, so that translates into more C-points for things like ship slots and later Galaxy Interiors that might come out (as it seems the Defiant interior has sparked interest). It is also a classic Galaxy-class hull, something people who prefer that design over the Odyssey can use without a huge difference in the two (3000 hull points and two console slots do make a difference, but that's the extra pricetag for you).

So, I believe the Galaxy-R still has a place in the game for those who don't want to spend as much on their cruiser, or just enjoy the Galaxy design more than the Odyssey. But other than that, it seems clear that the Odyssey is going to outshine the Galaxy-R (but not the Galaxy-X, I think).

My own two cents on the subject.