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Can anyone offer any insight into why someone would choose the MACO MK-XII Space set over using 3 pieces of the Borg Retro set with some other shield such as the M.A.C.O. Mk-XII?

I have used both and the procs from the Borg Retro 3 piece seems to go off a lot which seems to me to be worth far more than the Graviton Beam which is fun, but nearly useless since they nerfed it to not work in the STF's. The extra 5% power recharge and the +15 to power insulators from the magnetoplasma relays is very nice, but the M.A.C.O. set bonuses simply do not seem to be in the same league as the Borg Retro set bonuses.

The Borg console you can use either way, so I won't even include those bonuses in the comparrison.

The only way the M.A.C.O. set would be worth using is if they seriously beefed up the Graviton Beam it seems to me. The 3 second disable is nearly useless.

I currently have both the MACO and the Omega MK-XII shields and finally just got the other two MK-XII Prototypes to complete one set and I am leaning towards just holding onto them in case I decide I want to fly an escort down the road and want to use the Omega set.

I have both of my Mk-XI Omega and M.A.C.O. Space sets mothballed in drydock on a couple of shuttles.