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03-14-2012, 01:36 PM
Originally Posted by moogleexe
Most people I know go with 3borg/Maco Shield. Well, they did. Currently I see purple ships running everywhere, but that might be a temporary thing.

Some people might go with MACO full set because they're just OCD completionists who have to do things right.
They will be fixing the Jem"Hadar shields very soon.

I was actually using it too there for awhile, but I decided to ignore the exploit. I tried it for comparrison purposes against the MACO, but it simply did not stack up against it. For one thing you don't get but a fraction of the +10% Kinetic Damage resistance. Only adds a couple of points to resistance. Not worth nerfing your shields by 3000 points, nor does it have the 10% damage resistance against all energy types nevermind the 20% against plasma.

Until they make losing crew mean something its other benefit is useless as well.

The MK-XII M.A.C.O. Shield is just too darn good.