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03-14-2012, 02:48 PM
Originally Posted by Kyle-Phoenix View Post
Lets start QQing about you dont get a better IPAYFORIWIN ship. OMG ppl...

Fixed Lolhadar shield and some mentaly weak humans.... ahh not humans, just looking like humans... want to get compensated for removing the bug? Hey Devs you fixed CSV after 1.2, can we get compensation? Like a big IWIN button? Silly silly id.ots....
Important question: Insulators are working now? (if you fixed it, can Omega Set get compensation because of it? Maybe 90% +10000000000% damage boost for 60 hours proc? ... oh gosh silly silly ppl )
You are aware the problem people are having with dropping +1 off the turn rate bonus, is that the turn rate bonus isn't what people had a problem with, right?