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Originally Posted by kimmera
Have you never looked at the official map? The Federation is on the edge of the galaxy with the Romulans, Klingons, and Tholians on one side and Cardassians and Breen on the other.

The reason the Enterprise was spending most of the time in already explored Federation territory is that by Picard's time the Feds are boxed in.

This is also why Voyager needed to be tossed into the Delta quadrant to find new territory to sustain that series, and why DS9 was a station rather than another exploration series. Even there, though, there was the wormhole to the Gamma quadrant.

Only 19% might be charted, but the other 81% is not accessable without crossing borders. Now some of those surrounding races might have room to explore.....

By the way this does beg a few questions, like exactly how the Borg are in Fed territory.... they are not on any official map I have ever seen.
I have. Most of the Federation turf on that map is composed of unexplored areas and non-Federation members.

And, honestly, I use the tech manuals and maps as sources but take them with a grain of salt.

I'm inclined to put the series writer's bibles and submission guidelines ahead of tech manuals, maps, novels, etc. There is generally dated information in the internal design documents like Janeway's first name but they represent the process behind how a story is constructed whereas tech manuals and MSDs and maps were only selectively used by series writers and not taken all that seriously.

From my perspective as a Foundry author, sure I'm a canon nerd who drops lots of references but, overall, I'm interested in understanding and recreating the magic of what went on in the writers' room, not buying into Tolkien-like concordances.

The Galaxy map they released is also flat. The galaxy may be a disc but it's not THAT flat.

The Federation controls very little of the space that's colored blue on that map. Anyone who they're not at war with tends to filter around. There's millions of inhabited worlds inside that space and only 150 are Federation members.