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Originally Posted by Staran View Post
He sure skipped that kdf content question
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There's a surprise, huh?
Originally Posted by Captain_Collier
In the STOked before last, I got the very definate impression they weren't even going to try. Too much effort needed, not enough ways to monetise it.
Sadly, its just more of the same old, same old. The KDF has always been and continues to be a "long term" goal TWO YEARS after the game's launch. I hate to say it, but I've given up on the KDF. Not on the desire to see them expanded, but on any real hope that Cryptic can actually do it.

I'm at the point now where I wish they would just say "Star Trek has always focused mainly on the story of the Federation, and this game will be too" and just add Roms and Cards as "mini factions":

Romulan "mini faction" announced!

Have you ever wanted to fly your own Romulan war bird? Now you can in Star Trek Online with the introduction of the Romulan "mini faction"!

What is a "mini faction" anyway? Well, basically it means they wont have the same amount of faction specific PvE episode missions as the "main" Federation faction. The Romulans will be launched with their own faction specific episode series introducing players to the storyline of the Romulans in the time period that STO takes place, but after completing that storyline Romulan players will have access to more generic types of content:
  • Star clusters/exploration
  • PvP
  • Special Task Forces
  • The Foundry
  • Fleet Actions
  • Daily events
  • Featured Episodes

The Romulans will also have their own home world that they start on, as well as fleet of ships to acquire and ranking system to progress through. The Romulan faction will be launching on 2/3/13 to celebrate STO's 3 year anniversary, so stay tuned for more details and enjoy the Romulan mini faction preview!
Then they could do the same thing with the Cardassians on the 4 year. I might not be everything I'd like to see, but I can honestly say I would enjoy playing Rom/Card alts on the side even with limited content.