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is my tier list
based on how phaser arrays work, longer they are the more powerful a beam it can fire basically, and how enormous and high capacity its 2 torpedo launchers are, easily firing bursts of 10 per launcher and capable of more, and the fact that it is 2.4 times larger then the sovereign, Ive concluded the galaxy is still the most powerful ship. followed by the nebula that is approximately as large, and has at least the same huge phaser arrays. the sovereign might be the most advanced, but that doesn't mean biggest guns, especially when its so much smaller. after years of debating and thinking about this, these are my firepower rank conclusions. the order they come in takes into account how durable they are too, firepower isnt everything.

Galaxy- enterprise D at launch rating 100
Nebula- 90
Sovereign- 70 standard, 80 after pre nemisis upgrade
Akira- 70, though smaller and less durable then a sovereign
Ambassador- 50 though huge and durable, its arrays are very small for a large ship
split Prometheus- 65 MVAM allows it to overwhelm a ship that otherwise would be out of its league.
Prometheus- 55- advanced, shorter arrays then the intrepid, but type12 emitters
Intrepid- 50
Steamrunner- 50
Defiant- 60
highly refit Excelsior- 45
average Excelsior- 30
Saber- 40
Miranda- 20

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Those powerfull long range phasers arrays and awesome torpedo launchers did wonders for the U.S.S. Odyssey, didin't it? (And she was well hosed before the ramming.) The fact is, we really cant say that other classes didn't have those weapon systems on them, if they didn't put those systems on medium/heavy cruisers (to the minimum) they were fools not to do so.
in that episode the odysseys shields and weapons were useless. why? well they had to kill a galaxy to move the story along. the captain and crew seemed just as incompetent as the enterprise D crew during any sort of battle, the result of the writers trying to make the most powerful starfleet ship the underdog in every situation to create drama. the odyssey didn't even fire until the jem hadar were at point blank range and they didn't fire a single torpedo. incompetence is all i can figure, if they fired at those jem hadar like the enterprise did at 38 seconds in this video the battle would have lasted about 2 seconds. the galaxy can bring down the thunder, the writers just never let it.

as far as the type of phaser the galaxy had, sure by the time of this battle most ships proboly had the same type 10 emitters. they just didn't have arrays as long and with as many emitters as the galaxy did.

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But there weren't.

Isaac, wheres my prune juice , "the drink of warriors"?
they weren't what, carriers? wonder how all those fighters got to those battles? sure they were warp capable, so are a lot of shuttles, doesn't mean they arent going to hitch a ride in a large enough shuttle bay whenever possible.

or there weren't at least 30 galaxy class? that's a low ball. you can count 10 at least in the ds9 fleet battles. that's just 1 fleet, there are a ton of organized federation fleets durring the war, all of them proboly had several galaxy class in them.

or what, they cant be set up more like battle ships? people will believe whatever fan**** they read about the sovereign or defient, but when ever someone suggests something that starfleet would be capable of doing , and would be smart to do so during war time to the galaxy class, everyone's all like no way galaxy sucks!