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03-14-2012, 07:11 PM
yes hitting max rank is extremly fast compared to most MMOs but the feds have a huge amount of missions and some of them do take a while so plenty to do there for 1 toon.

three 'classes' each plays different so try them all out as its shot enough to see all ranks in each one without it being a crazy experiance like allot of mmos. seriously I can't stress enough how different a Tac in an escort with DHCs build and a Eng in a beam cruiser is and the ground will play different (a bit) as well.

Then there is Klink allthough there isn't much content that the feds dont get its actually some of my favorite content and the Klink ships I really like and are different again to the fed ships in most cases. again 3 Klink classes allthough not much difference between a fed and a klink build in same class.

Since F2P launched for former subs (like me) i have max ranked 1 a TAC SCI and ENG on both the feds and Klinks and just today started a new klink tac to try out some of the ships I have brought through Cstore and I still have a few things to do that Ive not even done once (a very short list to be honest)

I would however like a couple more STF to do as Im a space player Ill get my ground combat from battlefield that way im not going to go on and on about how much I dislike it. in fact yeah more space stuff to do would b good full stop MOOORRREEEE please