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03-14-2012, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
This is a bug fix, not a stopgap measure.
And no matter how quickly we find an issue, we still need to figure out the root cause of it, then find a way to fix it, then actually implement the fix, then get it in a build, and to QA for testing.
I find your "bugfix" methods to be almost like that of a civil war doctor. "I'm sorry Joe, You've been shot in the foot. We are going to have to amputate your leg" REALLY? I do understand that you guys have a thankless job, but you knew that before you took your job. You get paid a heck of a lot more than I do for your "thankless" job than mine, so dont expect any sympathy. Still the fact remains:


Its almost seems like because there was such a rush on all of this new content, someone took the easy way out. Its almost like they copy pasted the code for "Brace for Impact" into the abilities for the shield after changing some values. Now mystically there is a problem with the Doff abilities that affect it. Did this person actually think about the consequences before coding this, or did they just not care so long as it got put out in time? I would hope that this can be determined and corrective action applied to the person(s) responsible for this lackadaisical approach.

I belive that the change you have provided is most definitely a "stopgap" measure and not a "fix". How is removing the ability carte blanche a fix without negatively affecting the rest of it? This civil war doctor's attitude towards fixing bugs, or customer service in general, seems to be RAMPANT with Cryptic Studios. It is this attitude exactly that will prevent a lot of people, myself included, from spending anymore hard earned money on this game. Which by the way is what is funding those paychecks you all enjoy for your apparently apathetic approach to problem solving.

/end rant