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I think Ker'rat could be something interesting. I think there are some things at play that could make it a competitive arena where builds that work for just PvP might not work there and builds for PvE might not as well. You'd have to change things up a bit rather than what it currently is. I know there's been talk of nuking it, and I know it's been bugged since it was released but it's really just become a graveyard full of afk farmers and bugged out Borg. And I mean, really over the top bugged out Borg:
Cubes are stuck in a warp/stretch

-I have seen an entire instance of stretched out cubes doing 360's
Sphere's and probes become stuck inside the encryption beacons, making them untargatable but able to target the player just fine.

-The cubes have done this very rarely but enough to make the instance incredibly difficult. I have seen 3 cubes inside an encryption beacon, inside each other.
Borg cubes no tilt from side to side, back and forth (and at times do so while stretched out and spinning).
And now, my favorite: invisible spheres and probes that circle around the player in a constant warp, remaining untargetable. Oddly enough, the only way to get away from them is to go TOWARDS them as this somehow makes you move AWAY from them.

So I have a few questions about this. One, how can these new bugs pop up if this area of the game is basically left alone? Two, if it's going to be ignored, shouldn't it just be nuked and something else similar be put in it's place? The game mechanics are there, the non-bugged Borg exist, not much would have to really be altered. And three, Why has it been completely ignored since release?

The zone chat is very lively and I constantly see people outside of it, so it's a well played area (mostly, at this point, for the worker/farmers of the lot), why leave that to decay? I have to be honest, it worries me that one of the larger played battlefields/maps is completely ignored (if not made worse by the latest Borg bug). It tells me that general game play mechanics are being left untouched while shiny, new, over priced ships has the focus of the, what seems like, the entire Cryptic team (aside from the couple of Devs I see taking doffs to new levels on a regular basis).

I know the Devs need to focus on money, hence the new ships, but it does little good if there is not much to do with those new ships. I could only imagine how awesome something like Ker'rat would be if there was some attention put into it (not even a lot of attention) and some objectives added that make it worth PvPing while PvEing. Perhaps an optional objective of killing such and such amount of players before the main is achieved or accolade/rewards for reaching a certain amount of points on the leader boards (though that may be difficult since new players can enter at any point). Possibly make it a queued instance without the cooldown of STF's. I don't know that I much like that idea since I do like popping in whenever etc, but SOMETHING to keep Ker'rat alive.