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03-14-2012, 10:47 PM
I have good news, and I have bad news. More good than bad, though.

The Good:
1. Reverse Shield Polarity no longer stops my ship dead. So I assume PH and other teleport-immune granting powers work.
2. The Escort pet for the Odyssey now properly redocks with set visuals enabled.
3. The Pet or saucer no longer continually collides with the ship.
4. The Aquarius redocking animation properly plays with set visuals enabled. Aegis, at least.

The Bad:
1. Leaving a system with either the pet or escort out causes the cooldown timer to be five minutes. Properly redocking with the power before warping out makes it the proper four minutes. This is with all three consoles, mind you.
2. No matter what the engine power setting is, the chevron section will fall behind at full throttle. The Aquarius can, though, even at 115 engine power.
3. I can't decide which of the three I'm going to use tomorrow.

And, a question, which I've asked before:
Do the Work Bees have a threshold? The only time I've seen them heal anything was when the target (either myself or something else was below 75-80 percent hull. I've noticed they don't seem to despawn once summoned.. will they heal if you go below this threshold while they're hanging around?