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03-15-2012, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by Sephiroth8808 View Post
As you can probably gather from my first post I was not impressed with this episode Problem is that a day later and im not playing the game its destroyed my will to play.

My intention was to log in and play it through again with a different toon who would use the full set of ship gear in some stf and maybe some pvp. I had planed to do this since last week and was looking forward to it but I just dont want to play that EVA bit again.

This derailing of my plans has made me stop and think about what I am trying to get out of this game and tbh I'm left with no desire to continue playing. Maybe its just burnout and bad timing that it coincides with the thought of having to do that completely boring and unenjoyable space walk again maybe not.

surely your QA told you thaat this EVA is like watching paint dry and that while it does have merit in regards to story should be short so as not to drag like it does. Great concept bad gameplay.

I am also compelled to bring up something I think is related to this episode that I heard on an 'extra credits' on game design. "If you think the difficulty (as a dev) is correct its probably way to hard" this I feel relates to the end ship battle and possibly to the ground combat not just in this episode but across most of the game. I really hope this is the case as it would explain allot.
Yeah, I'm hearing you - I put in a buttload of effort for the Risa Foundry Challenge #1, and came last. More people played the Klingon Missions than mine. That doesn't give me a nice feeling, or inspire me to anything at all ever. It might be fair, because maybe others put more work in, but that isn't what I'm talking about.

At the end of the day, we play because we like how it makes us feel. If it doesn't make us feel anything, or even brings displeasure, it may be time to put it down, just for a bit.

It is a shame that you were able to pin it on one mission, but hopefully you can avoid that mission.

For myself, I am questioning my Life Sub, but I know I will feel better in time.