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03-15-2012, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by Wilv View Post
Was she ranting when she said it? Absolutely!

Was she wrong for saying it? No.

Is there a difference between her comment and the ones on the forums? Absolutely

Why? Because she made a post on her PERSONAL twitter, not a thread in the public forums. She didn't come on here and start a thread "bashing" people. She made a personal comment for HER followers to read and linked her forum post, which BTW had no bashing.
Your spin doctoring aside, ranting is ranting whether you do it on a video game forum or on twitter. And anyone who rants thinks that their rant is justified. If someone wants to bash members of the community on her twitter its cool; thats their right to do so. But its not somehow morally better than bashing the game here on the forums. Ranting is ranting. Bashing is bashing. Calling people names is calling people names. Whether its on the forums or twitter doesnt change that.