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03-15-2012, 09:49 AM
okay couple things:

1) From the specs you listed, your running 2 monitors, correct? If yes, have you tried only using one and switching it to a standard resolution 1920X1080 for example? If you did try that did it seems to make a difference at all even the slightest bit?

2) Do me a favor please and run a series of speed tests either 3 or 4 and with the same speed test site or program and list the ping upload and download from each individual test.

3) check your Virtual Memory settings and list what that is set at please.

4) Check your DirectX 9 version to make sure it is the latest/last version that was released (Yes I do know you're computer is capable of DirectX 11)

5) Try installing the K-lite codec mega pack and do the full install. I know it doesn't seem to make any sense that installing something for videos and audio might correct it, but sometimes it can help with alot of different things.

I'm sorry I don't have a "yup it's definitely this or that that's causing the problem" yet, but under the circumstances the only thing we can do is a trial and error.