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# 1 One moment of humanity
03-15-2012, 10:03 AM
One moment of Humanity
Starfleet, 46+
Starting Location: Hfihar system, Psi Velorum sector
Duration:~30-40 mins
Style: Dialog heavy adventure, Single player

Zalosa, close to the Hfihar system, Psi Velorum sector, is an advanced , but still pre-warp society. They went completely silent on all radio frequencies. You have to investgate the cause and act upon it.
In case they developed an interstellar communication method, you are authoized to make first contact. Otherwise, the prime directive applies!

I tried to build this one up like a TNG episode. There is minimal combat, the time goes to the moral issues. Some branching and multiple ending is added but not as many as in the Hijacked mission. I hope you like it.