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03-15-2012, 12:14 PM
What is the mimimum range on a cloak?
No minimum range. There are timers involved. The Battle Cloak has a 20 second timer. Standard cloak has to wait until out of Red alert/ Combat

How close can a BoP get with their cloak before I see them?
the really good BoPs can bump you and you will never know. Cloaking uses Aux power to enhance it effectiveness as well as the Stealth skill and some consoles.

I read on the STO wiki you can find cloaked ships with a scanning ability, does this mean the scan Key? (Default V,) the thing you use to find space annomalys?

Does the Advanced Science Retrofit's ((the Nebula RA ship)) affect allies? how does it work?
It creates a tachyon field that can be expanded from ship to ship to create a net that allows the ability to spot a cloaked vessel.

can a cloaked ship know if you've seen them?
Only when fired upon. the ability to detect a claoked vessel does not give a tell ingame to allow the cloaked vessel to know they have been discovered.