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03-15-2012, 12:48 PM
The only thing that really bothered me about the series was the final chapter.

I think they missed a huge opportunity with the introduction of the new enterprise. Somehow, after never mentioning that the new enterprise had even been launched, they show up. the officer says "ship coming in, it's the enterprise!" and really, why weren't we expecting the enterprise E at that point.

It wasn't ever mentioned in game that the new enterprise was being commissioned. they never say that the andorian had been assigned to it and they just glossed over what could have been the biggest moment ever in game for real star trek fans.

What should have happened, is they should have been talking about the new enterprise being completed and ready for shakedown throughout the entire series. There should have been some build up to when they showed up. Maybe the captain had her out on her shakedown cruise and diverted to assist, maybe they pulled it out of space dock before the shakedown to get another ship on the front line. Either way, it should have been an event.

I know there was a lot of hoopla about the odyssey, but the Enterprise should have had a ceremony of some kind.

On another note, where did that klingon ship come from that crashed on DS9 while we were space walking. Unless i missed a cutscene or something, it seems like one tiny BOP tries to make an assault on DS9 with no help whatsoever. Why exactly would it do that?I

It would have been the same if in the middle of the fight inside the station, a Devidian showed up and started killing jem-hadar all by himself until he was quickly killed. No mention of what he was actually doing there or why, but it makes some cool special effects..

Anyhow, I'm going to play through it all again and make sure i didn't miss a cut-scene or something.