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03-15-2012, 01:37 PM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Gotcha. I changed the word "community" to "members of the community" in my previous post. Either way the point is the same: Ranting is ranting. Bashing is bashing. Calling people names is calling people names. Whether its on the forums or twitter doesnt change that.
I refuse to apologize for not defending people who treat other players and company employees in this game with disdain. I simply refuse to give people the impression that I even tacitly or passively support people who had the audacity to PM a person who opened a box with their own money, using their freedom of choice, and send them hateful, rude and condescending remarks.

You're right. I called those people out for what I personally saw them to be. Why? Because they were HORRIFIC to nice people! I refuse to let other people be able to walk behind the shroud of gamer-forum-anonymity and not call it out for what it was.

I tweet about the game's magnificent things and people all the time!

But you're right! I once wanted to tweet a link to a post in the forums and along with that link add my opinion that conveyed my sadness over the fact that the negativity on the forums just seemed out of control; that there was an influx of posts that reflected prevalence of irrational anger, rage and pettiness over the game's implementation of an optional purchase; and that this prevalence of irrational anger, rage and pettiness over the game's implementation of an optional purchase was beginning to weigh down upon those of us who used to enjoy the forums, thereby making it difficult to come here in the hopes of finding any useful and/or relevant information about the game for those who might actually be searching for it.

Alas, since Twitter only allows me 140 characters to post a link and any associated description of the tenor of the referenced posters in that thread, I felt it best to take that elongated description and condense it into a tightly defined and succinct phrase that might prepare the Twitter user for what they could expect to find once they clicked on the link and then read the additional posts in that thread.

And that's what I did.

Gratefully GN, and as you are very aware and have been also very careful to say, the community in general isn't anywhere near as negative as those of whom I tweeted about on that one occasion.

My column was my attempt to provide the greater MMO readership evidence that the larger STO community, the one that you and I KNOW to exist in-game, can be found ... but alas, it's clear, they'll likely have to look past the forums in order to find it.