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03-15-2012, 01:50 PM
The Exchange is running wild atm, so ingame earning is beyond reason. The direct $ or price is way overpriced.
If you think about it for just a moment...50$ for 3 ships. You will only use 1, so basically you are buying 3 powers which are not even worth considering. So yeah, waaay beyond insane prices.

STO + Microtransactions is beyond balance. Look at Lotro. At least they have weekly sales to promote stuff and fluff. Excuse me, but when exactly did we have the last sale????
I can understand that the company relies on the store now, but seriously...stay reasonable. The store pricing is just like the gas prices atm.

These are no deals for me. I am very happy in my Excelsior Refit. Best cruiser if you ask me.

But hey, thanks for everyone who buys these and finances the game and future C-Store items without long term content.