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03-15-2012, 12:53 PM
I'm going to get the Odyssey bundle.

I definitely think it's overpriced. I'm already happy with my Odyssey Star Cruiser as well and I don't feel the urge to 'upgrade' - I'm fairly content.

But, I also want to take into account the amount of effort and energy that went into making these "flagships" from start to finish. The attempt at making a contest, the Dev Diaries that came out of it, CapnLogan's efforts to cater to the STO community by exchanging feedback with the playerbase with the Odyssey (for example, the impulse thrusters on the nacelle pylons was a suggestion he took from me), the effort into creating a flagship for the KDF that CapnLogan championed, and his farewell present to us in the "Aquarius" Odyssey bridge.

I do not think I'll be getting the bang for my buck... so, I think of the excess more as a donation. One made to promote the game. This is my way of saying "thank you" for trying to make STO as good as it can be.

Though I may not be voting with my wallet, I will give the warning that further price inflations in the future may be viewed with far less tolerance. A lot of promotional expenses and manhours went into making the flagship - I can understand and honor that - but don't stretch your luck, Cryptic. If I get the ship I want and cover the content until I feel I've completed the game... I might not be around for as an active player in STO's third year. It's up to you to make sure the content the game has to offer makes it worth it for me to use the Odyssey in.