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03-15-2012, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by bobgreenwade View Post
Given how (relatively) easy it is to not only get new BOffs but (at higher levels especially), how terrible would it be to make it possible for them to be KIA from time to time? Then the new ones could come in and replace them.

I know that the only times cast members left from the TV shows, their characters generally did not die. I'm thinking of Drs. Crusher and Pulaski from TNG, and Kes from Voyager. The one exception was Jadzia Dax, and even so Dax was still around in Ezri.

This could be something limited to the maximum Difficulty rating, or a new one (or even a completely separate switch) could be added,

What do the rest of you in the community think of this idea?
I don't really like it for a couple of reasons.

1) If one of my Bridge Officers die, then I have to retrain a new one which takes skill points that I would have to build up


2) I would lose those powers (both ground and space) that said Bridge Officer had and then, when on the search for another one, I would have to find one with the exact same powers or have to retrain my main character to suit the Bridge Officer [costing me a retrain token]

I agree with another poster in this topic who said it's enough that Duty Officers die. I would rather just leave my Bridge Officers alone. I mean, I know it's "Star Trek", but I shouldn't have to be like Kirk and internally worry every time I bring my team on a mission whether they're all gonna make it back alive.