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03-15-2012, 09:22 PM
Get out of the oddy alto- :p

In all seriousness, you could do much worse. A few suggestions from my end, however.

Drop reverse shield polarity to 1, replacing Engi team 2 and bump Aux2SIF into it's place. RSP only gains shield regen with level, not duration, and is essentially silly to take beyond rank 1. Take extend shields II in the open slot. The reason to drop the second engineering team is pretty obvious, I feel. (You're rotating with tactical team after all, right?)

Drop TSS1 OR tractor beam for hazard emitters. TSS is great but doesn't quite stack well with itself flawlessly. You pretty much must have hazard emitters on every ship, because it clears borg shield neutralizers, aceton beams, warp plasma, theta radiation, har'peng torpedo procs and a host of other nasty things. It's also a good hull heal that won't conflict with engineering team or aux2SIF.

Net change: You gain hull tanking, keep the same RSP duration, lose the option of a second eng team and 15 seconds of cooldown off TSS in exchange for a hull HOT/cleanse and the best ally shield support ability in the game.

Keep a second engineer for when you know you're solo with the same skills and switch extend out for eject warp plasma or something if you really don't feel you'll team much.