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03-16-2012, 02:41 AM
I played your mission and thought it was decent, and I liked the stealth idea. But I unfortunately failed the stealth portion early on. The fighting after that kind of just annoyed me because it reminded me how stupid the BOFFs are (I hate them! ), but that's not your fault. It's a shame that I failed the stealth portion because I think the mission would probably have been a lot more enjoyable if I hadn't.

Here's some more detailed feedback with some suggestions. I sort of thought twice as to whether I should post this, because I don't want to discourage you. I hope my feedback doesn't come across as too critical, because I do think it was a good effort and a good idea you came up with.

* I think it should be Federation-Romulan (rather than with a /). Also, I think it would be good to add a few more paragraph breaks in long dialogue texts.

* Commander Taryn? I think it would be more fitting if she were a captain. While the game has you commanding a ship at less than captain rank, I think your (the player's) situation should be treated as an anomaly. Other people in command of a ship should be captains, in my opinion.

* I don't think the help text is really necessary in the next map pop-up. I believe players should be familiar with that sort of pop-up from playing the regular game already. It's your call, but I don't really think that's needed (maybe you've been getting some bad reviews or something, but I've never experienced anything related to that).

* I'd suggest putting the scan sensor anomalies objectives as a single objective with all five listed and then using component reached and component complete to load the other events. It would make the mission list less cluttered.

* You should also add a short description of how to set a rally point in the stealth description section. That's something a lot of players aren't going to know. Here's the language I used in my mission:

* The force field puzzle was good. No complaints there.

* I tried hard mode and then failed the stealth aspect in the first room. It's a good idea, but I think the trouble is that there's no easy way to restart if you fail. If it was an SP game we could just reload the map and try again. Anyway, you might want to put a note that the stealth approach is very hard without guidance, maybe even recommending people use the easy mode on their first play through. You might want to change the names of the two options to "Normal" and "Expert" or something like that. I'd still probably have chosen the hard option without some strenuous advice not to, but when one is called "easy" it makes me not want to do it on principle.

* In terms of the included back story, I think it's an innovative idea, but unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to connect with me on an emotional level. Even though my character has supposedly dealt with Taryn before, I hadn't. I didn't really know much about her or have any real connection to her. Who knows, maybe this was just a problem with me? I do like the attempt to make the mission more personally meaningful, but I think it would be more effective if you introduced a character in a couple of other missions to build attachment and then used him/her in this setting. Of course, that does require people to play the other missions first, which is a down side.

Anyway, I'm sorry again if this comes across as too critical. Keep up the good work.