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03-16-2012, 06:25 AM
When I first saw a screenshot of the awesome space armor they were testing back then, I thought DS9 would be the site of an epic EVA battle ala Moonraker! Alas no one ever thought to counter my obvious intrusion by sending out an EVA party of their own making the spacewalk more tedious than it is cool.

I thought the station was sleeping or something!

Now how would I go about revamping it?

1. Have the space battle unfold first
2. Player ship under an ECM corridor slips in near the station to cripple DS9's sensor arrays (This has NO place in OP: Gamma, but 'wild weasel' to support an EVA commando team is crucial)

3. Player ship deploys boarding assault shuttles & EVA commandos
4. Battle over DS9's hull amid stray starship weapons fire, things crashing into the station, BoP exploding nearby etc - with much more substantial zero G combat (Cue introductory scene of Yellowstone class runabouts making a strafing run like attack helos!)
5. Progress mission as already implemented