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03-16-2012, 07:14 AM
I was just about to make a post on this, it is rather silly, even if they did upgrade them in the month they were in the past, they may be stronger but not that strong… I like the idea of 20 or more D7's trying to kill you and just killing them in one shot. Remember it was said in "yesterdays enterprise" that a few modern photons being sent back with the enterprise-c would defeat the Romulan fleet, and that was like 20 years in the past.

simply put this mission was very poorly thought out, it talks about how the weapons of the future in the hands of the past Klingons will wipe out the federation… but the past seems to be doing just fine if you ask me, Hell, Star Fleet may want to go back and grab a few of TOS era mothballed ships to send to the front lines.