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03-16-2012, 08:53 AM
Unless something changed recently, A2SiF3 isn't a player-trainable power, it has to be found on rare and very rare BOffs as an existing ability.

I'm looking at using the Science Odyssey, what does everyone thing about this build?

Commander Engineer - EPtS1, RSP 1, ETeam3, A2SiF3
LTC Science - HE1, TSS2, FBP2
LT Science - (ST1?), TSS2
LT Tactical - TTeam1, BFAW2
Ens Engineer - EPtS1

The theory of the build is to rotate EPtS1 and TSS2 constantly (slight gaps will occur in the TSS rotations) for as much shield tank as possible, use BFAW to draw attention from as many targets as possible with the captain skilled in Threat Control, then use FBP to return incoming enemy fire while (hopefully) maintaining shield integrity, and using ETeam, A2SiF, and HE for hull heals (and maybe the work bees). Sensor analysis helps to improve damage from focused attacks, the extra science console slot could be used to improve FBP damage a bit.

I'm honestly not quite sure what to put in the second ensign science slot. In the past I've run with 2 HEs, but since Shield Neutralizer isn't nearly as powerful as it once was, nor as commonly fired (from what I can tell), it doesn't seem necessary anymore. It might still be nice to have it in case the first is on cooldown and I'm getting hammered, rather than taking Science Team for an extra shield heal that conflicts with Tactical Team.