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03-16-2012, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by JoenATL
You know I would not mind scaled loot based on performance in the run. Like how star base 24, and the gorn actions run. That way team members get applauded for carrying a team, or junk for doing nothing.
Exactly. A great way of implementing this would be as follows: collect statistics on each team member for things such as:
  • Majority of damage done to a target (percentage, averaged from all mobs in the instance, favors dps).
  • Total damage done (raw number, favors dps).
  • Team heals (separate statistic, favors tanks and healers).
  • Self heals (favors tanks and healers).
  • Damage taken (favors those who take and hold aggro, so generally dps, also tanks).
  • Debuff damage (favors anyone who slots this stuff, predominantly healers; owners of procs/powers (disruptor proc, apb for instance) that increase team dps would have the bonus damage from all team members tallied here).

Each team member is rated from 1 to 5 (first place to last place on a five-person STF team). Each player's overall score is averaged out, and that average is divided by how many times they've died (so there is an incentive to learning how to tank, no matter what you're playing). That determines your overall score.

Loot rolls at the end would have a guaranteed prototype drop for first place, standard loot rolls for everyone else, with a bonus percentage chance applied for placement (say, 25%, 20%, 10%, 5%). A special consideration would apply for players that contribute NOTHING to the team by sitting AFK (or griefers that use shuttles, etc.), they would get no loot rolls whatsoever, and this could be easily determined by comparing raw numbers on the above statistics and anyone who falls outside of, say, a 30% margin from the rest of the team, will have effectively done diddly squat for the team and should get nothing from the STF.

These statistics should be collected and publicly displayed at the end of each STF, so that everyone has a concise explanation as to why they scored the way they did. Heck, for added incentive for learning to game this system, tie the statistics collected to personal accolades, so that, say, you get a special ship costume (hull material?) or title for getting first place in so many elite STFs.

I don't care if this makes me sound elitist. Us elitists are the people carrying teams of idiots through elites and not proportionally benefiting from it.

Here's a further thought: implement a "mentor" system tied to, say, a player's personal title. Anyone wearing the "Mentor" title willingly forfeits their placement and end loot rolls in exchange for a single incrementing statistic accolade (once for each STF) that awards them something even more special (say, a combo space and ground costume set), so that people who already have what they want out of an STF and are more interested in leading teams to teach others how to do STFs can benefit from it without screwing up the loot roll chances for the rest of their team. And to prevent people from gaming this, the mentor counter won't increment if said player would otherwise not have gotten a loot roll from being AFK, so you can't AFK farm this.