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Report to Klingon Intelligence
Tuq'Negh Kap'Pi (House of Capulet)
General Lelu Begh'Ta
IKS Qu'valth

Mission objective:
Upon approval from Federation Council, to co-ordinate with the Dominion & Starfleet in the release of a Founder, prisoner of a Federation penal colony.

Additional notes:
Under the guidance of K'Men, notation of any residents of interest to be taken incase of possibility of raid.

Mission log:
Arrived in Ayala system under escort by U.S.S. Ventour, which left us as we entered the system. Upon entering the system, we proceded to orbit of Facility 4208 to meet the Dominion ship of Eraun, the Vorta accompanying us to the Facility.

After dealing with the warden (and the Petaq' he made us see) we then proceeded to release the Founder. Soon afterwards, Kar'ukan beamed down with soldiers and after a rebuttal by the Founder suddenly decided to kill everyone except the Founder.

Soon we realised that the Federation system keeping the facility running, ISIS, had gone down due to power shortages and explosions caused by a combination of a prisoner outbreak and Kar'ukans forces. After subduing Kar'ukans forces and most of the prisoners, we braught their system back online and beamed to space to have the Federtation, led by Captain Vakel Shon, give Kar'ukans forces a hard time to allow us to escape.

After escaping the system, we escorted the ship carrying the Vorta and Founder to a safe distance and left them to make their own way back to near DS9.

Building notes:
> ISIS has 2 cores of a master-slave relationship, both easily accessable from the beam in points. However, unless ISIS is offline, they are protected by a wide variety of systems, though chiefly forcefields.
> All staff save for maintenance staff are holographic.
> ISIS s very tightly controlled system.
> Partial control of ISIS might be possbile by inter-rupting power grid at certain points.