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Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post
I could be wrong but I though all Science vessels got 15% increased Shield capacity.

You'd get a 50% shield capacity bonus on a Science Vessel that got its standard 15% + the 35% from the field generator console.

Not to mention your Captains skill point bonuses could boost your max shield capacity even further

Iím working off the assumption that the Science version of the Bortasqu has all privileges afforded to Science class vessels.
I think these Flagships are Cruisers with a lean towards the three Classes in STO and not a true representation of the vessel classes themselves.

Though the Odyssey does have a 1.15 sheild modifier it lacks the subsystem targeting that a true sciecne vessel has to offer and Sensor Analysis was just given the science variants to make them lean towards science than they would without it.