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03-16-2012, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by Naevius
Sensor Analysis actually boosts DPS far mor than another tac console - in fact it equals about 6 consoles.
max stack = 33.33% boost
weapons console boost = 26% on energy weapons so not quite 6 vs 4 actual for energy weapons, but it does = 6 vs 4 on kinetic damage if you go all torp.

stack takes time to build up, console is sustained DPS
stack can be disrupted by jam sensors or switching targets, console is sustained regardless actually by switching targets.

so especially for beam boats, you get more sustained dps out of an extra tac console. (due to the build up time vs the extra 26% continueously on the extra tac console).

torp builds it would be better and obviously it would change depending on how many of each weapon type you have.

imo that doesn't spell I win on the SA but we'll see if any whining about it changes crypteks minds.