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03-16-2012, 11:19 AM
currently im using a tactical od

beam fire at will 2, beam overload 3, beam overload 1
tac team 1, tac team 2

engineering team 1, emergency power shields 2, reverse shield polarity 2, eject warp plaz 2

transfer shield strength 1, haz emit 1, science team 2

fore + aft weapons 8 x tetryon beam array mk XI crtd crth dmg
borg deflector
combat impule engines xii aux full
jem'hardar resilient shields (soon will have the maco when its dropped)

engineering all xi - rcs accel, aqairious escort, eps flow regulator x 2
science all xi - field generator, shield emitter amp, borg console
tactical all xi - tetryon pulse generator x 3

still alot of work to go through
i have a few prototype borg salvage so might upgrade the weapons, just waiting for the prototype shield tech to be dropped for the macro.

what you lot recon?