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03-16-2012, 11:47 AM
Aside from switching between a small craft and your main ship, there is one reason for it.


This is a factor often derided by those who see MMORPGs as nothing more than pixels on the screen (just another Pac-Man) or a tactial shooter game (just another Halo player trying something new). But for those who view it as an interactive environment as well as a game where you do some fighting, immersion is the factor that determines if they will spend time in the game or wander off to another game that -does- offer the ability to experience a world other than the one they are sitting in.

Ship interiors are what make STO different from, say, EVE or BSGO, among other things. They are what let players who desire to do so to make STO more than just a tactical fighting excersize, and contribute to the idea that there is a -world- the game is trying to emulate.

In the final analysis, if you are a gamer who limits themselves to just fighting and trying to get the best KDR, then ship interiors will mean little or nothing to you. If you want to experience the game as more than this, though, they become important parts of the game and add a dimension to the impression that this is a -ship- you are commanding and not just a few prims in a computer someplace.