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03-16-2012, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by RSRobinson
Apples and Oranges. Sensor Analysis fully-stacked is 33% more damage, no games. The console, on the other hand, stacks with all your other damage adds. The total value a given ship has will vary but it is usually around 400% when totaling all your bonuses. The consoles adds to that pile. 26% added to 400% is an increase of 6.5% in damage. Sensor Analysis fully-stacked is equal to about five consoles. The better your base build (i.e. the more damage bonuses you can eek out from various sources), the lower the benefit you get from an additional console, but SA is always consistently awesome.
we're that true escorts on the fed side wouldn't be dominant. I'd need to see some real numbers on this as

doesn't show exactly where the buff gets added.

say your 8 beam array weapons in a broadside are doing 3000 DPS with 4 tac consoles

you're saying that another energy weapon console of a 26% damage bonus will increase your damage to 3195 DPS.

You're also saying that a fully stacked SA will be doing 4000 DPS. A net inscrease of 805DPS.

At that point everyone on here who does STFs, PvP, and Fleet Action would be in Sci vessels.

I still see more cruisers and escorts.

Now I'm not coming out and saying you're wrong, I'd just need to see the numbers on that as it doesn't appear to be the case.