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Originally Posted by ACES_HIGH View Post
You may be underestimating the power of the weapons used. This isn't like fighting medieval knights with modern guns, the technology of the 23rd century isn't too different from the modern 25th century tech you are using. This is a mistake many mods use when balancing TOS ships against TNG or later ships, they shouldn't be cannon fodder. Think of it this way, the modern military has the capability of fielding thermonuclear weapons in the multi-megaton range, indeed the largest ever used was somewhere around 57 MTs IIRC, its easy to forget that the first A-Bomb used in anger was only 13 kilotons and it still destroyed a large portion of a city.

"Yesterdays Enterprise"

Picard: "you have come 22 years in to the future."

from memory alpha

Yar then tells Picard that Captain Garrett reported four Romulan Warbirds, leaving the Enterprise-C severely outmanned and outgunned. La Forge then presents the possibility of re-arming the Enterprise-C with modern weapons, but Picard vetoes it, saying if they do that they'll alter the past.

Tasha said deflecter shield tech has doubled in that time.

Garrett: Captain (Picard) why doesn't your ship come back with us the Romulans (4 warbirds) would be no match for your weaponry.

22 years and the Enterprise D would out class at least 4 warbirds... 150 years and who knows what it could do, we know Nero destroyed at least one TOS Klingon Fleet (47 warbirds), and one Federation armada (7 ships), why would a Dreadnought from 50 years later be weaker than a mining ship?

then look at the ENT mirror episode when the Defiant constitution class shows up it wipes out the Terran fleet, like they are bugs.