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As reviewed on Starbase UGC

Mission Title: Contamination
Author: Evil70th
Project ID: ST-HOM98JB5K
Allegiance: Federation
Level: 16+
Description: The Federation Science Directorate has a rogue scientist on its hands. Doctor Klausen, of the Gavin IV Anthropological Study, has decided to interfere in the pre-warp culture on the planet and must be stopped. Admiral Quinn has recommended you to help Doctor Joanne Marbles, Director of Anthropology, Federation Science Directorate, in resolving this incident. Will you help the Federation?

Authors Notes: There is some task based ground combat and a lot of optional ground combat on some of the maps. The optional combat is not recommended as it will add time to the overall length of the mission.

Estimated length:
60 - 90 minutes with full dialog.
30 - 45 with "Skip Dialog" option.