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Facets of Extinction Production Status
Facets 1- A Brief Diversion: Complete
Facets 2- Question of Faith: Updated, Available for Review
Facets 3- The Irridite Factor: In Production
Facets 4- No Time for Soldiers: In Production

Hi all. This is my very first mission and I'd really appreciate some feedback from the more experienced builders.

The mission is called "A Brief Diversion" by tosmonkey.

It's meant to be a daily, and it's a "teaser" to a longer story. It should take less than 15 minutes to play (20 if you read all the dialog).

The mission, the investigation of a derelict freighter deep in federation space, is meant for new Captains and should be beatable even with a starter ship.


Part 2, "Question of Faith" is now available.