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Originally Posted by Sovereign77x View Post
This is a good idea. Right now, the anomalies are not objects with which you interact; rather, I've used place markers that allow me to keep the identity of the objects hidden until the player gets in range. The actual interaction is purely optional (although the player probably won't know that). If I changed the objective from reaching place markers to interacting with objects, I could combine them into a single objective, but I wouldn't be able to hide them (they would be visible the moment the objective became active). Any thoughts on this?
Is it not possible to make multiple reach markers a single objective? I guess I've never tried that but I just assumed it could be done. If you want to leave the interaction to be optional nothing can be done, but if yuo don't mind if the interaction is required (which sort of makes sense since you're searching) then you can do this:

Set the actual interact object to be an invisible object. Nothing will be seen since it's invisible anyway. Then have the ship or whatever still appear based off of component reached (just leave the reach markers that are there and use them for component reached).

Originally Posted by Sovereign77x View Post
I knew this wasn't going to be a hit with everyone. Thankfully, several of the early player reviews have pointed to this as one of the things they liked most about the mission. Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope you're in the minority on this..

As I recall, you weren't the biggest fan of the Deadly Intentions story either, but that was the feature most responsible for its success (it certainly wasn't my technical prowess).

p.s. That was a friendly nudge... please don't interpret it as a challenge or dismissal of your opinion.
Well, I'm certainly going to be one of the most critical reviewers you can get. It's probably good that I made my own missions so people can at least understand where I'm coming from, rather than thinking I just have a huge chip on my shoulder.

Also, while I'm sure I wasn't the biggest fan of Deadly Intentions, just the other day I recommended it to someone who asked about other missions to play besides my own. Obviously I liked the series well enough to not only remember them, but also recommend them.