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03-17-2012, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Jo-Shuan
Shanis - good point! It doesn't feel very Trek to have a hoard of Admirals flying around. We should be Captains.
Right. Let's make the progression into:

1. Ensign
2-9. Lieutenant J.G.
10-19. Lieutenant
20-29. Lieutenant Commander
30-39. Commander
50. Captain

KDF can stop splitting Tier 5, and just go to Brigadier and Major General. There might even need to be a serious reshuffling similar to the above.

When the cap is raised t o 60, then 50-59 is still Captain, and 60 is Commodore. Since the devs are talking about allowing us to run small groups of ships at that level, it would be appropriate; after all, that's what a Commodore traditionally does (unless he's singing great R&B).