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03-17-2012, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
Actually, no. Escorts have the lowest hull and lowest shields of all the ship classes. The ships are for dealing damage, not for survivability.
You are correct sir. The actual answer was Tactical officers do better in CRUISERS. Just think about it before you bash it. 8 weapons + whatever tactical consoles to do even more damage + your own tactical captains attack patterns + Cruisers survivability feature.

The Cruiser is supposed to be your groups tank in missions. Yet for some reason I see way too many Escorts being flown by tactical officers who wonder why they keep exploding non-stop.

Tell you what, go find your hotkey list for space, make sure you set your redistribute shields hotkey. You'll need this. Next time your in combat, press that Redistribute shields hotkey every 4 seconds when your shields are looking like swiss cheese. Then all your shield recovery buffs actually do WAY more then they used to.

Originally Posted by the_ultimate_funky
usr cannon scatter volley to get rid of the hvy plasma torps, if u think those are tough wait till u encounter the borg in elite stf's 1 hit nearly 100k crit from the plasma torps and they can still fire 1 hit kill invisible torps that u dont even see coming XD,
Things to destroy those heavy plasma torpedos include:
A. Automated defense turret consoles
B. gravity wells
C. tractor beams
D. tractor beam repulsors
E. running away from the torpedo
F. shooting the torpedo (admitedly the worst option at times)
G. using brace for impact and hull resistance buffs. (last ditch effort)

** F is bad choice as it takes a few shots and you have to start before it gets under 3km really.

Originally Posted by ReginaMala View Post
.. The D'deridex's entire skillset is built around "I hold you in place, then hammer you," so if you take one of those halves away he becomes much less dangerous. Honestly I have more trouble with Mogai's than the big birds.
Option D in this case is ironically best. Its Lieutenant skill level and it also counters those tractor beams that grab you. As they break at 5KM the tractor beam repulsors push opponents past 6km's. I've seen a few get thrown to nearly 8KM before.

**Note - tractor beam repulsors do not work on borg cubes