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03-17-2012, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by Bowecho71 View Post
Doesn`t having a Tractor Beam of Your own help when Fighting a D-deridex?
Basically when the ship your fighting tractor beams you, or their tractor beam mines. You can use tractor beam repulsors to break that hold they have on you. This also works to auto target and destroy heavy plasma projectiles and mines.

Originally Posted by Nighthawk4 View Post
So you don't have to stick to your own 'standard' type of ship?

If that is true then a Tactical Officer in a Cruiser should be worth a try
Yeah, Putting tactical officers in escorts is downright silly at times. Unless your a veteran to the game, that setup can make your gameplay much much harder because you just simply take too much aggro especially in groups.