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# 1 Odyssey Class Crew set to 2500
03-17-2012, 02:06 PM
I command the free Oddy and discovered that it's crew was also increased to 2500, which makes sense for a big ship to have more crew than the Galaxy. Buuuut...

In STFs, my crew is INSTA-KILLED the moment I engage the borg. I get spammed with a few assimilate ships and torps and despite brace for impact and polarize hull etc. My crew is literally wiped out (incapacitated) in seconds. It's not that bad since I hardly feel the difference, but on the other hand it takes FOREVER to get my crew up again. In fact, after the STF, it takes longer than 150 seconds (auto-leave) to heal my little crewmen up again. As a consequence, I NEVER fight with more than 60-70% of my crew.

This is a bit ridiculous. Something has to be done here, I mean come on - even the unnamed crewmembers were more useful in the shows