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03-17-2012, 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by baelturath
Wrong, wrong on so many levels that I'll just let this quote speak for itself:

There is no set single possible course of action in the original test. It is completely up to the cadet how he wants to handle the situation.

No I'm not. Get your facts straight before making such unsupported claims.
* Kirk reprogrammed the simulation to make the Klingons believe he was a famous captain.
* Chekov self-destructed the ship to destroy the Klingon vessels.
* Scott tricked the simulation into believing in a purely theoretical attack that would never work practically.
* Sulu decided to not violate the Neutral Zone given the consequences (the probability to plunge the Federation into an all out war with the Klingons just to save the crew of a freighter).

Reading comprehension? Where have I said anything about the tutorial Kobayashi Maru not being unfair and unwinnable? And again, wrong information...

None of that is hard canon except Kirk's. None of that (other than Sulu's option) makes sense with respect to the scenario as presented in hard canon (Wrath of Kahn). Scotty's version is Kirk's.. you can't 'trick' a simulation other than by cheating. One self destructing Enterprise wouldn't take out one Klingon vessel short of ramming it, let alone all 3, and destroying the Klingons when the situation is presented as the Enterprise being in violation of treaty would start a war, or at least have HUGE diplomatic repercussions.

Anyway, you've convinced me. I realize that I'm tilting at windmills here and will stop wasting my time here. You are so stuck up and grasping for straws that you completely lose focus of what this thread was intended to do. You don't even remotely consider the options but waste your and my time with senseless arguments. "Only a sith thinks in absolutes" and your pov is about as absolute as it can get.
If I am grasping at straws, how come you are treating soft canon as hard, and now quoting Star Wars? I am not the only one questioning your suggestion, merely the most vocal and the most ready to counter your views on canon.