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03-17-2012, 02:47 PM
Dan:: And some new specialty ship. So maybe thereís something like that. I really like the idea of being able to drop parts or have people pick up parts for ships in that mode where they can sort of mix and max things and make their own ship. Those are all things we definitely want to do. So I donít think .. so yes. The answer is weíre definitely gonna continue to offer ships in every way possible so that we can just have a wide variety in terms of how ships are available. Now, weíre, you know, if thereís some ship that people want to get <scrambled> Iím a big proponent of there needs to be a <scrambled> to get a lot of this stuff, so thatís sort of the mindframe Iím going at when I look at things like chance boxes. I really want people to have a way ... for example, the JemíHadar bug, I never got that ship, I want a way that I can go get that ship again. So, you can look at me to once its past its exclusivity timeframe, whether thatís a year, six months, I think Stephen DeíAngelo had talked about it being some timeframe. It would certainly be nice if people who had missed out on that ship had another way to get it. So, you can look for me to do something like that in the future.
Tanner:: Alright, another addition to the question about the specialty ships was about the global announcement thing that goes across for the Cardassian ship. Basically, just wondering why have that, and are there any plans to completely turn it off?
Dan:: Yeah <scrambled> The question is marketing, right? So why do you see TV commercials on Hulu, why not just offer me the movie for free, or the TV show for free? It sells, it makes money right? So whether people like it or not, you can just turn it off. Thatís why I, I agree. I donít necessarily like the spam, I turned it off on mine. But, you know, it equates to money and in a free to play game thatís one of the ways we make money. So, sorry. <laughs> But thatís why we added the option for you to turn it off, right. I donít think youíre gonna see us turn that off any time soon
Tanner:: Right. At least weíre able to turn it off individually on our end.
Dan:: Yes.
Tanner:: Thatís a plus. Alight, letís see. Weíve got that Ö the, um Ö since weíre talking about ships letís go on to the other question about ships. What kind of ships are in line to be brought into the game? Are there any consideration into allowing players to Ö I donít exactly understand how he had this worded, but Iím guessing, kitbash their own ships to offer better customisation, maybe a T5 Akira or Fed Carrier or real battlecruiser?
Dan:: So, similar to what we were just talking about with, you know, ships and ideas for opening up new ships. Weíre definitely going to be bringing more ships into the game. I donít have the list of all the ships weíre working on, thereís a lot of ships I used to talk about back in the engineering reports, most of them are actually in the game now. So we will continue to be coming up with a list of existing IP ships that we want to add into the game. But then on top of that, the second part of that question, whether or not we will allow people to kitbash their own ships for better customisation, I think youíre going to see something like this but it might not be exactly make a T5 Akira or make a Fed carrier. It could be something where you can take an existing ship and you can, like I said, can craft a better version of it. Or maybe you can <scrambled> Kind of the kind of station configuration that you like. Or maybe one that has four nodes in the front and two in the back, or vice versa. Maybe thatís the kind of customisation weíre looking at. Iím not sure because we havenít gotten that far. But what we do know, is that in our future is starship crafting, we just havenít worked out a design exactly I mean, thereís tons of designs, we just havenít figured out which one weíre gonna do. But in terms of ships coming, yes, there are ships coming. Iím not gonna spoil any of them because I just havenít looked at Alís whiteboard lately. <laugh>
Tanner:: <laugh> Okay. Alright, lets, er Ö alright. Next question here is about the state of the game. Someone argue that many promises or near promises have been broken along the path between your departure and your return, to PWEís purchase of Cryptic and then the released free to play. Um, Klingon Content, weekly episode, bugs that are reported on Tribble are still released onto the Holodeck. Bugs that are still around from launch, or closely thereafter. What are your thoughts and what are your plans to win the, quote unquote, naysayers? Whatís your focus for the next year with Star Trek Online?
Dan:: Well that sounded like a pretty good rant. Let me try and focus on a few things there. So, um, letís go back to the bro- to the promises. So you said something about arguing that promises have been broken. Um, so, in terms of promises, if youíre referring to the engineering reports, the engineering reports had a pretty good caveat on them that everythingís subject to change. And I think my feedback, that I took away when I left, is that that caveat just didnít work and that anything I said on the forums and anything that I said on the engineering reports just got taken as verbatim or a promise and that all my good intentions should have just <scrambled> in my head. So yes, I can see where someone whoís watching the engineering reports looking at everything we were talking about can say whereís this content, where are they gonna fix this, and despite our, our continued efforts and our continuing improvement of this game, it might not be going as fast as some people might want. But I also think the game is getting better every day and every week. I look at the game now and I play the game far more than I ever played. I look at all the people online, thereís something about the energy of having so many people on the universe in Star Trek with free to play, itís a lot of fun and Iím enjoying it. So I think the gameís getting better and Iím having more <scrambled> than I think I ever have. Er, but in terms of, er talking about Klingon content and weekly episodes and bugs. Letís talk about bugs, right. Yes, thereís bugs in MMOs, thereís bugs in our game. Weíre trying to improve that, I mean, thereís been some pretty good <scrambled> about all the bugs that have been going out since the dawn of time. But it really boils down to the teamís need to really focus on bugs. They need to focus on not checking in bugs. So itís a constant struggle between production and QA to just get all these bugs out and to get them ironed out and discover them. So thatís one of our continued efforts and one that everyone here at the company gets involved with, and we take seriously. Itís not that we like, nobody likes putting bugs in software but it happens. And when it happens we need to figure out why its happening and address those issues. And so right now bugs are happening, so we have to figure out why certain bugs are happening and address that any way we can. In terms of, letís see, winning over the naysayers, Um, if Iím gonna say naysayers, thereís always gonna be naysayers and thereís no way to win over naysays because naysayer are gonna stay naysayers. <scrambled> Itís almost like arguing against someone whoís agreed not to agree with you. Um, I think that main thing is for me to just continue doing my job and just continue making Star Trek as awesome as it can be, and I think the last question was around focus, um.
Tanner:: Right. Focus over the next year.
Dan:: So, focusing for the next year, you know, a lot of it is looking at where the game is at, looking at what weíre gonna do next and where weíre gonna spend our resources and making sure that weíre doing the right things. I mean, if I look at whatís the focus for Star Trek in year 2012, its putting the content and features in the game that need to be there next. Thereís no end to that list of things we want to put in the game, but does that really need to be the next thing that we do? And so coming up and making sure that weíre clear about whatís going to be our priorities and what gonna be the healthiest thing for the game. I mean, sure I would love to do content X or content Y, or feature B, but if thatís not gonna help the <scrambled> If thatís not gonna improve things, you really have to justify why that content is being made and why weíre spending our dollars there. So, if anything, youíre gonna see a continued effort from me to make sure that weíre spending our dollars wisely and weíre making the content thatís making the game just that much more awesome. And, you know, I think weíve added some really good things over the last year and two years for that matter and weíve continued to improve the game since day one.The game I play right now, like I said, is a heck of a lot better than the game I played day one. And thatís just credit to our efforts to continue to add to this game and I think the gameís gonna continue to get better. Iím very committed to it, thatís why Iím here.
Tanner:: Right. And weíre glad your committed. We enjoy all the content that you help bring to us and Iíve only been playing for within the last year myself. I started playing about ack in early November of last year, so coming up on a number of months. About five months or something like that. And in just that time period Iíve seen a lot of great improvements that I absolutely love.
Dan:: Well, good!
Tanner:: just me. A buddy of mine got me into the game and I just absolutely love it, so for me, I appreciate everything youíve done to make the game what it is.
Dan:: And the whole team. Itís not just me, Iím just trying to make sure that weíre staying focused.